RFB is an acronym commonly used in the casino and hospitality industry, standing for “Room, Food, and Beverage.” It refers to a complimentary service package offered to certain casino guests, typically those who are known as high rollers or VIP players. The RFB comp is a way for casinos to reward these valuable players for their patronage and encourage continued gaming at their facility.

  1. Room: The ‘Room’ part of RFB covers the cost of accommodation. Casinos offer free or discounted stays in their hotel rooms or suites. The quality and luxury level of the accommodation often depend on the player’s level of play and betting.
  2. Food: The ‘Food’ component includes meals at the casino’s dining establishments. This can range from buffet access to fine dining experiences, depending on the casino’s offerings and the player’s status.
  3. Beverage: The ‘Beverage’ part typically covers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. High rollers might receive access to top-shelf liquor and exclusive bars within the casino.
  4. Eligibility: RFB comps are usually reserved for players who spend a significant amount of money in the casino. Casinos track players’ spending through membership cards in their loyalty programs to determine who qualifies for these comps.
  5. Purpose of RFB Comps: By offering RFB, casinos aim to enhance the overall experience of high rollers, making their stay more enjoyable and encouraging them to spend more time and money gambling.
  6. Impact on Player Loyalty: These comps are an important part of building and maintaining player loyalty. They make high rollers feel valued and appreciated, which can be crucial in a highly competitive industry.
  7. Cost-Benefit for Casinos: While providing free rooms, food, and beverages involves a cost for the casino, the expectation is that the benefit of having high rollers gambling more frequently and potentially bringing in more revenue outweighs this cost.
  8. Variations: Some casinos might extend the RFB comp to include other amenities, such as free access to shows, events, or other services like spa treatments.