La Partage

La Partage is a rule in roulette that is particularly associated with the French version of the game. It is a player-friendly rule that reduces the house edge on even-money bets. “La Partage” translates to “the sharing” or “the dividing” in French, which aptly describes how this rule works in terms of bet distribution.

  1. Application of the Rule: The La Partage rule comes into play when a player makes an even-money bet (such as red/black, odd/even, high/low) and the ball lands on zero. Instead of losing the entire bet, the player loses only half, while the other half is returned to them.
  2. Impact on House Edge: This rule significantly reduces the house edge on even-money bets. In European roulette, which has a single zero, the house edge with the La Partage rule is reduced from 2.7% to 1.35% on these bets. This makes it one of the most favorable rules for players in roulette.
  3. Comparison with En Prison Rule: La Partage is often compared to another roulette rule called “En Prison.” While both rules are designed to mitigate losses when a zero comes up, they work differently. In the En Prison rule, the bet is “imprisoned” for the next spin instead of immediately losing half. If the next spin is favorable, the player gets their full bet back.
  4. Availability: The La Partage rule is not universally available and is mostly found in French Roulette. Some online casinos also offer this rule in their European roulette games as an additional feature to attract players.
  5. Strategic Considerations: For players, the La Partage rule is advantageous when placing even-money bets. It lowers the risk, making it a popular choice for those who prefer conservative betting strategies in roulette.
  6. Gameplay Dynamics: The inclusion of the La Partage rule can influence the overall dynamics of the game, encouraging players to make more even-money bets knowing that the risk of losing on a zero is reduced.
  7. Casino Offerings: Not all casinos offer the La Partage rule, as it reduces their profit margin on even-money bets. Players interested in this rule should look for specific roulette tables, both in physical casinos and online platforms, that explicitly state the availability of this rule.