Ficheur is a term specifically associated with the game of roulette in casinos. It refers to a device used in the game to sort and distribute chips to players. The ficheur is particularly relevant in the game of American roulette, where different players use chips of different colors to distinguish their bets on the table.

  1. Function and Purpose: The primary function of a ficheur is to organize and dispense roulette chips, which are specific to the game and differ in color for each player. This system helps the dealer and players keep track of who has placed which bets, especially when multiple players are betting on the same numbers.
  2. Use in American Roulette: In American roulette, each player is given chips of a unique color, different from the chips used by other players at the table. The ficheur is used to store these different colored chips and to issue them to players as they join the game.
  3. Dealer’s Tool: The ficheur is typically operated by the dealer or croupier. When a player buys into the game, the dealer uses the ficheur to provide them with their specific colored chips. After the game, players return these chips to the dealer, who uses the ficheur to sort them back into their respective color compartments.
  4. Design: A ficheur usually has several compartments or slots, each designated for chips of a different color. It is designed for efficiency and ease of use, allowing the dealer to quickly and accurately manage the chips.
  5. Enhancing Game Security: By assigning different colors to different players, the ficheur adds a layer of security and clarity to the game. It minimizes disputes over bet ownership and helps the dealer manage payouts accurately.
  6. Not Used in All Roulette Variants: The use of a ficheur is not common in all forms of roulette. For instance, in European roulette, players often use standard casino chips, and the betting layout is less crowded, making it easier to track bets without the need for a ficheur.
  7. Casino Efficiency: The ficheur contributes to the overall efficiency of the game in a busy casino environment. It speeds up the process of chip distribution and collection, allowing for smoother gameplay.