Croup in the context of the casino game craps, is a colloquial term that generally refers to the casino staff members responsible for overseeing and conducting the game. This includes the boxman and the dealers. Each of these roles is crucial for the smooth operation of a craps game.

  1. Boxman: The boxman is a key figure in a game of craps, typically seated behind the casino’s bank of chips and facing the players. This person oversees the entire table, manages the chips, supervises the dealers, and acts as a final arbiter in disputes. The boxman is responsible for ensuring the integrity and fairness of the game.
  2. Dealers: In craps, there are usually two dealers, each positioned on opposite sides of the boxman. Their primary role is to manage the bets on their side of the table. They place and pay out bets, collect losing wagers, and assist players with their queries regarding the game. The dealers are instrumental in maintaining the pace of the game and ensuring that all bets are correctly placed and settled.
  3. Stickman: Another key member of the craps crew, though not directly referred to by the term ‘croup’, is the stickman. Positioned opposite the boxman, the stickman controls the pace of the game. They handle the dice with a long stick, announce the results of each roll, and manage the center bets on the table.
  4. Role in Game Flow: The croup, encompassing the boxman and dealers, plays a vital role in the flow and integrity of the craps game. They ensure that the game runs smoothly, uphold the rules, and maintain a fair playing environment.
  5. Player Interaction: The croup is also responsible for interacting with players, providing guidance to newcomers, and enhancing the overall gaming experience. They must balance efficiency with a friendly and engaging demeanor.
  6. Security and Compliance: Part of the croup’s responsibility is to observe players for any signs of cheating or unusual behavior. They also ensure compliance with casino policies and gaming regulations.
  7. Training and Skills: Being part of the croup requires extensive training, knowledge of craps rules and procedures, strong mathematical skills, and the ability to manage and interact with a diverse range of players.