BCD Coin

BCD (BC Dollar) is a special currency for BC.Game, an online gaming site. Players get BCD as a bonus, like when they sign up or through special promotions.

To use BCD, players need to play games on the site, unlocking the BCD bit by bit. For example, to unlock $1 of BCD, you have to wager $500.

Key Points of BCD:

  1. Getting and Using BCD: Players receive BCD through promotions and can use it in various games after unlocking it by playing.
  2. Unlocking BCD: Players unlock BCD by meeting wagering requirements, similar to earning back a part of what they bet and lost.
  3. Benefits: BCD offers advantages like keeping the bonus after withdrawing cash, no deadline for using it, and getting extra BCD on top of regular casino rakeback.
  4. Deposit Bonus: Up to four deposit bonuses in BCD are available. The bonus size varies with the deposit number, from 120% to 360%.
  5. Flexibility: Players can withdraw their deposit anytime, and the BCD bonus stays for future use.
  6. Extra Rakeback: BCD acts like extra rakeback, giving players 20% more on top of their usual rakeback.
  7. Tracking BCD: The BCD Dashboard on BC.Game shows how much BCD a player has and how much they’ve unlocked. Players need at least 5 BCD to use it.

Important Notes:

  • Unlocking BCD: The only way to unlock BCD is by playing games on the site.
  • Game Choice: Any game can be played to unlock BCD, including those with lower house edges.
  • No Time Limit: Players can unlock BCD without any time pressure.
  • No Other Way to Unlock: BCD can’t be unlocked without playing; asking support won’t work.

BCD at BC.Game is a unique way for players to get more from their gaming, offering extra value and reasons to play different games on the platform.